The world’s smartest playsuit for squirmy, squishy, stinky little humans (age 9-12 months). Crafted from antimicrobial peppermint fabric, with innovative 3D Air Mesh pads for all those inevitable *OOPS* moments. Plus a quick-zip and stay-in-place diaper gusset—for life on the go.

Fabric content: 53% cotton, 23% viscose rayon powdered with peppermint, 17% recycled polyester, 7% spandex

Size Spec: Length 27 Inches (shoulder/neck to foot) and 19 Inch Waist

  • Ouch-resistant cushioned knees + elbows
  • Comfy and breathable, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Gender neutral design for any baby
  • Permanent anti-odor protection
  • UPF 50+ sun safe
  • Grippy footie

It’s all in the details

A thoughtful design process

We put careful consideration into every nook and cranny of the Smartsie—from tip to zip to toes! Then, we enlisted the help of real parents and tots to test (and keep testing!), incorporating their feedback at every level until we reached a product we felt truly proud of. Spoiler alert: it’s everything, and then some!

Super-soft peppermint fabric

We chose the amazing and abundant peppermint plant because of its cooling, refreshing and antimicrobial properties. We then produced a fiber that's literally spun into the yarn of our Smartsie, with all the great benefits of the plant itself. The result? The most soft-and-breathable fabric ever—with stink resistance for days (we’re looking at you No. 2!).

Gender-neutral design

Aka, the perfect playsuit for any (and every!) baby—with their future in mind. With a belief in slow fashion and quality products, we’re changing the fast-fashion baby-clothes landscape one Smartsie at a time, by creating an expertly-crafted product to give your baby extra support through those formative crawl-and-tumble months.

Why our products?

For you

Made with the highest standards and quality at the forefront. Our Smartsie will live up to your expectations (and then some).

For them

Built for life’s inevitable *OOPS!* moments. We’ve got your active baby covered, comfortably.

For the future

We partner with One Tree Planted (a nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation) to plant a tree for every order placed.